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  1. Pigment Preparation
  2. Additive Masterbatch
  3. Color Masterbatch
  4. Black Masterbatch
  5. White Masterbatch
  6. Special Effect Masterbatch
  7. Flame Redardant Masterbatch
  8. U.V. Masterbatch for Greenhouse film
  9. Antibacterial Masterbratch
  10. Slip Agent Specification

The manufacturer of Masterbatch and XPLE compounds applicable in high, medium and low voltage cables.
•XPLE Poly Ethylene applicable in high, medium and low voltage cables
•HFFR compounds are flame retardant, halogen free and applicable for the covering and isolation of cables.
•Color masterbatches are polyolefin based   
•Completely Hygienic.
•Certified and permitted by the Ministery of Health