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Our acceptable and standard pigments should have the following properties:

  • Pure resin free
  • very fine particles
  • Sieve residue 45 (micron) <= 0.01- 0.03
  • Excellent grinding
  • High heat stability
  • Easy desperse
  • High light fastness
  • No migration
  • High tint strength
Organic pigment
Organic pigment is the synthetic chemical which is insolube either in water or in coloured matter with Azo, Diarylide, Azo-toner, Azo condensation, Dioxazine, phthalocyanine, Isoindolinone, etc. Chemical type used for plastic, fibres, and filaments.

Inorganic pigment
Inorganic pigment in powder form with very good heat stability , Weather fastness , light fastness , and semidull and dull shades, used for plastic , fibers , and filaments.